Friday, 5 June 2009

LDN is a miracle !!

Over the next few weeks I am going to add as much data to help sufferers of Ankylosing Spondylitis and other auto-immune diseases as I can. But I know that if you have stumbled across this blog in hope of a cure you will want to know if there is hope, YES, there is ! After one week on Low Dose Naltrexone I HAVE HAD DRAMATIC RESULTS, in seven days ! I want to make it apparent I am not selling anything, I am just feeling so much better I want to share this with every one I can. Read what I have to say and research LDN yourself , then when you have seen the results as I did after stumbling upon it, by accident, get yourself on it and off the awful alternative Drugs that just screw up your body. NSAIDs nearly wiped me out.

LDN not only cures AS it handles MS, Crohns, Cancer, you name it if it is an auto immune condition it can be a life-saver

Here are some links to get on with,

Go onto youtube and search for LDN

On youtube search for joseph wouk and LDN

Good luck and start feeling well soon


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  1. Hi, I have AS too and I really appreciate your blog. I've just been diagnosed and I'm on Enbrel now which was working until a recent car accident (I have no luck! ^_^). But I am going to speak with my rhumatologist about this and see if it might work for me! Thanks!