Friday, 5 June 2009

My story so far

Here is a post I just put on the LDN_users yahoo group.

Dear GroupI thought I would let you all know how my first week on LDN is going. Well, what can I say but it is going really well, I am taking LDN because I have a form of Arthritis that is called Ankylosing Spondilitis and I have had it for 20 years + , I have had a roller coaster ride over that time, at the worse I have been very ill, in agony and hardly able to walk, I have taken the normal NSAIDs to help, and had the normal awful side effects, Life had gotten so it was really not worth living any more and it was my family that I kept going for, running my own business as I was unemployable, due to health.Thats the background, this week has been amazing really and I have been scared to acknowledge the changes because, I did not want to be let down again if it was not really happening, but am feeling safer now as it has been an everyday improvement, so fingers crossed this is the answer for me. The results have been a reduction in pain and stiffness by about 50 to 60% so far, I have had some funny night time ,how would i put it , visions, but I am sleeping much better than I was before, not waking up every twenty minutes, having to move because of the pain. I am having much less spasms when I move too quickly, I am walking much more comfortably, faster and feel like I am walking like a healthy person, not tentitively as I was waiting to trip over the slightest dip in the path and then nearly scream in agony. I can sit for much longer periods without siezing up, and I loosen up much quicker when I start walking or moving. Thats the physical side, then as well there is the spiritual/mind effects. Yesterday I was driving along and felt a little worried as I had noticed I have been feeling calmer, happier and less worried about everything over the last week but whilst driving I was worried because I felt almost as though I was a little light headed or as though I had had a glass of wine, I started to think maybe I am having an effect from the LDN, it was wierd, and then I suddenly thought , this is'nt wierd, I just feel really, really relaxed, and care free, this is how I should feel, this is how healthy, happy people feel, they are not feeling down all day, worried about everything all day, miserable because thye feel sick and are in pain, this IS HOW I SHOULD FEEL !!!!!!!! Its like a heavy oppresive weight has been taken off me.I hope to god this keeps up and things continue to improve, I wanted to share this as I have not seen too many posts about my condition, and wanted to give some hope for people out there who might have AS or any disease that is stopping them from feeling how they should feel. I have not felt this way for a long time. Out of interest I am on 1mg of LDN as this is how my Dr starts it and then works up as necessary, although he has many patients who stay there as they are getting the improvements on the low dose, I am also taking omega 3s he prescribed, 2000mg a day, I also use topically DMSO on my neck and lower back and this also DEFIN~ITEL~Y helps with localised stifness, plus Amino acids , D3, B12 and most of the basics,C,B etc. I mentioned this before but I have also made a great effort to sort out the various mental baggage, of blame and regret I have been holding onto for most of my adult life.Good luck to everyone!Best Vince (UK)

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